Friday, 7 April 2017

Roe Acre Dying Co., Crimble Mill, Rochdale


The mill was built in 1886 by James Kenyon and Son Ltd on the site of another mill, built by the same family, 125 years earlier. The mill stayed with the Kenyon family right up until 1970, when Roe Acre Dying took over. 
In October 1983 there was a battle between Rochdale Council, Heywood Civic Society and the Roe Acre company, during a two-day public inquiry. It followed an appeal by the Roe Acre company against a previous council decision not to allow demolition. At the time Roe Acre claimed that the mill was adding 20 per cent to the company's production costs, but the council still refused permission to demolish it.

However in 1987, the council did an about-face and said it was "minded" to recommend demolition before a second public inquiry was called in July 1987. It never went ahead after Roe Acre withdrew its application.

The mill was back in the news again in January 1995 when the council's own buildings at risk register also classified the mill's condition as "poor".  


Esoteric Eric

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