Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ice Factory, Grimsby


The Grimsby Ice Factory is a former ice factory located in Grimsby, England that was constructed from 1898–1901 to provide crushed ice to preserve fish stored in ships at Grimsby's seaport. The Grimsby Ice Factory engaged in operations up to 1990. The buildings still contain some of the original historic machinery from times of the operations' origins. During its time of prime operations, it produced 1,200 tonnes of ice daily. The building is 4,350 square metres in size, and at one time it was the largest ice factory in the world. The building is deteriorating, and it has been stated that it will eventually crumble if restoration efforts are not undertaken. Furthermore, historic machinery at the site is at risk from exposure to the elements, because the roof is not watertight.


Esoteric Eric

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