Monday, 3 July 2017

Park Hall Pool, Little Hayfield, Derbyshire


Previously a private pool belonging to a country club in the 1930's it later opened to members around 1938 who paid a small fee for its use. The pool is fed by a mountain stream and the water is reported to remain cool throughout the year. In the 1940's/50's locals recall the pool being open to the public where it cost a 'shilling for children and half a crown for adults' entry. During storms in 1947 the pool was badly damaged and reportedly 'never the same again' but postcards in circulation in the 1960's provide evidence that the pool remained open at least until then. Now it sits abandoned and hidden in the woods.


Esoteric Eric


  1. Great shot there man, as per. like it

  2. Amazing!! I would be taken by my mother and father alongside my 2 sisters and brother for the day on sunny warm days. There was a junior pool which always seemed to be colder and next to it ( divided by a wall) the adult pool. The pools were surrounded by large sulphur's of Greek classical white ornaments. The outer sides of the pathways were surrounded by steep woods. It was a magical place and I feel so lucky to have been able to have spent a time in my childhood there.

  3. I lived on the estate which surrounded the pool -- i remember very clearly the storm and floods of 1947 - i was 7 at the time. The water cascaded down from the moor above and washed all before , wiped out all the fish in those small rivers and dumped soil and trees into the pool . The pool, was filled to the brim. Everybody on the estate and others pulled together to rescue the pool, which they did and it was ready for swimmers in that summer.
    The floods rushed through the woods below the pool and gushed out over the road and then down Clough lane and flooded the cottages at the bottom where my auntie lived.
    I can confirm that the pool was still in operation until at least the mid 1960's as i went there with friends many times.
    Very very sad to see it now -- have photographs of it in it's prime.
    Duncan Merrin

  4. Yes, I used to swim there, as a child, and was taught to swim there. I have a piece of land and would love to recreate the the magic of Hayfield for others to experience. Not sure if that could ever happen but it's a nice dream.

  5. My dad's business partner and friend bought the pool in the 90's and cut back the overgrown jungle it had become. He applied for the right to reside on the property as the changing rooms had been converted into a little cabin but the council stopped him before it was granted automatically as there had been people living there for almost 10years. He sold it a few years ago and it was a real shame as the place is magical and really takes you away from the modern day rat race.

  6. Went to visit here today unfortunately it was all fenced off and we could not see it properly. Really disappointed.

    Person who's Dads friend bought it do you know who owns it now?