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Deluxe Beds, Broadfield Mills, Huddersfield


Broadfield Mill is a partially demolished mill complex located beside the River Holme in Lockwood, a mile south of Huddersfield town centre. The mill dates back to at least the 1840s. 

Godfrey Berry moved to this mill from Folly Hall Mills in 1850 to form Messrs. Berry & Crowther; this later became Henry Crowther & Sons. In 1897, Kaye & Stewart took over the mill. The 1937 Directory lists Gledhill Bros. & Co at the mill in addition to Kaye & Stewart. Deluxe Bed Ltd were the last tenants of this part of the mill, possibly leaving the site around 2004/05.

Godfrey Berry purchased land in Lockwood in the 1840s, including land on which a 'Chapel or Meeting House' had been erected. This seems to have been bought as 'lots' and later further shares in the land were sold, possibly as a means of raising money. Earlier deeds had referred to 'land belonging to John Berry', so the family seem to have been fairly well off. Earlier members of the family owned mills in Honley and had been involved in local politics. Godfrey Berry went into partnership with Henry Crowther - purchasing Broadfield Mills in Lockwood in 1845, and it seems that his son Josiah also had some interest in the business.

After his father's death, Josiah - with Alfred and Henry Crowther - purchased the land and mill of Broadfield Mills in Lockwood with the agreement of Samuel Naylor, who was the executor of the late Godfrey Berry's will. Josiah was described in 1851 as an 'employer of 208'. At this time he lived in Yews Hill, just above the mills at Lockwood, with his wife and children. Josiah's interest in Broadfield Mill must have been sold later, when the firm of Henry Crowther & Sons began. Later, Kaye and Stewart (fancy worsted manufacturers) took over Broadfield Mill and became one of the largest employers in Huddersfield. 

Large parts of Broadfield Mill were demolished in the early years of this century, and the remaining parts were subdivided into smaller units. There are still some firms operating out of various corners of the mill with Deluxe Beds appearing to have vacated around 2004.


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