Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stanley Tools, Sheffield


Stanley was, and still to this day, remains known as a manufacturer reputable for having been the source of consistent innovation, and the producer of fine quality tools. The Stanley knife exemplifies this reputation, as the name has become the defining label for the well recognised blade shape that it is associated with. Stanley first emerged in 1843, as a small shop which was established by Frederick Trent Stanley, in Connecticut, New Britain. Stanley, however, didn’t first open its doors in Sheffield until around 1937, after taking over J.A. Chapman of Sheffield. In the early 1970’s this particular site was apparently the target of a payroll robbery, committed by a small gang posing as decorators. Regardless of this incident, Stanley continued to operate in Sheffield up until 2008; when the site was then closed after 71 years of production. Although the site is largely vacant, sections of the site remain active; seemingly used as a small storage facility, and a location that is used for ‘Airsoft’.


It appears that the site was sold last year and there is planning permission for a number of purposes but no work has started as of yet:

All photographs are available as prints or canvas with or without the border. Message for sizes/ prices.

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  1. Stanley Tools in Sheffield has a great manufacturing history. The photographies are also great.