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Briggella Mills, Bradford

One from February 2021 recently released for public consumption.


Briggella Mills was built in the mid 19th - early 20th century and was used for worsted production. The site consists of two spinning mills, weaving sheds, an engine house, two warehouses, a dyehouse and a chimney. The buildings are of stone.

According to an article in "The Illustrated Weekly Telegraph" of 13th March 1886 the firm was founded by John Briggs in about 1856 and was run in partnership with Mr Abraham Briggs and Joseph Ambler under the title of Briggs, Ambler and Briggs. The partnership soon dissolved and the concern was then only run by Mr Joseph Briggs.

In 1868 he erected a weaving shed, in 1872 a large spinning mill and in 1875 a large warehouse, which fronts Little Horton Lane. In 1880 further additions to the premise were made. Around 1886 the firm specialized on umbrella cloth. The combination of the name of the concerns owner "Briggs" and their speciality "umbrella"-cloth are the components of the mill's name ("Brigg" and "Ella").

In 1886 the site consisted of a five storey warehouse and a three storey shed, which formed the frontage of Little Horton Lane. Along Finchley Street was a one storey weaving shed. Facing Clarges Street was a four storey spinning mill. The mill was enclosed by a wall and in the yard another six-storey warehouse was located.

The mill was powered by one beam engine and a pair of horizontal engines. The steam necessary was generated by four boilers.

The bottom floors of the remaining building now house a carpet warehouse.


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