Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reins Mill, Honley, Huddersfield


Reins Mill was originally built in 1847 and occupied by a Mr Charles Dean from 1866 as a Fancy Woollens Manufacturer. During its time it produced woollen Tweeds, Cheviots, wool-dyed Melton’s and Beavers, Worsteds, and Army cloths, all stock of exceptional finish and high commercial value.
The complete processes of manufacture was carried here, including both dyeing and finishing, with the mill housing four sets of carding and scribbling machinery, four spinning machines, and two thousand spindles. It employed a work force of a hundred and twenty people.

Around 1960 it became the “Holme Rug Company” weaving rugs and small carpets. The Company was in business about 15 years but went bankrupt and the Official Receivers moved in.

In 2010 a planning application was made for a change of use and conversion into an MOT garage, the application was approved but it appears the new business didn’t last very long and the building now stands empty.


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