Friday, 23 May 2014

Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, Conisbrough


When no longer required for its original purpose, the former AAOR at Conisbrough became the Sub Regional Control to RSG 2 at Imphal Barracks, York. A floor plan of 1961 shows the following rooms on the lower floor: Directing Staff (Police, Fire, Other Government Departments, RSG), Army, Information & Conference, Generator, Vent Plant, Boiler, Scientists, Signal Office, Wireless and Teleprinter Room, Phonograms, Switch Room and Operations Room.  It is unknown when the building became disused but it has now been converted into a house with windows cut into the walls. Apart from its flat roof it is now barely recognisable as an AAOR.
Internal condition is unknown. The site is strictly private with security and guard dogs.

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