Sunday, 29 October 2017

Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd. Bath House, Huddersfield


The Bath House at Broadbent's Engineering in Huddersfield has been designated at Grade II, for the following principal reasons:
The building is a very rare, possibly unique example of a purpose built bath house for foundry workers. Its continuing function as a bath house has preserved its original purpose in both its layout and its fixtures and fittings as well as its design. The design of the building manifests inspiration from both W Dudok and Frank Lloyd Wright, and achieves a high standard of accomplishment in its interpretation of contemporary architectural influences.The use of local stone for external walls distinguishes it from brick built pithead baths of similar style, and the imaginative use of finishes lends further distinction. The interior survives almost entirely intact, with original wash basins, shower and tap fittings, lockers, floor and wall surfaces, doors and light fittings.
Esoteric Eric


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