Monday, 25 February 2019

Littlewoods Pools, Liverpool


The Littlewoods Pools building (also known as the Littlewoods Building) is a notable building on Edge Lane in Liverpool. Built in 1938, and probably designed by Scottish architect Gerald de Courcey Fraser, the building is next to the Wavertree Botanic Gardens.

The building has had various uses throughout its life. It was originally the headquarters of Littlewoods, then the country's largest family-owned business empire.

A year after it opened, during World War II, it was requisitioned and became home of the government's postal censorship department, while its printing presses were used to print National Registration cards. Its vast internal spaces were used for manufacturing the floors of Halifax Bombers, barrage balloons and woollen material. In the 1940s the building was also used by Unity Pools (formed from Littlewoods, Zetters and Vernons).

The building has stood empty since 2003.

In June 2018, developers Capital & Centric announced the new site will consist of a film studio complex and adjacent soundstages to become a new base of Twickenham Studios. Slated to become 'Hollywood of The North', the studios will be named Littlewoods Studios as an homage to the building in which the studios will be housed.

On 2 September 2018 a fire broke out at night in part of the complex. The roof and upper floor of one wing were lost, although the main structure was saved.


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